Privacy Policy

To execute the primary functions and provide the services intended, CryptoGiveaway Bounty, needs to collect some personal information about its clients. Clients may, however, rest assured that CryptoGiveaway Bounty respects their privacy and grants confidentiality. Before submitting personal information to us, one should read this Policy carefully to learn about our privacy practices. By visiting or using a CryptoGiveaway Bounty application on a mobile phone, tablet, or similar device or in connection with other sites or services, a user is accepting the practices described herein.

CryptoGiveaway Bounty collects and stores only the data provided by the users while making use of the Services, i.e. location, IP address. If they use the CryptoGiveaway Bounty application developed by CryptoGiveaway Bounty, the following information may also be collected: information about an operating system and device IDs to generate hash values. The device IDs are not transferred over the Internet. The hash values are used for statistics and storing users' wishlists associated with the hash values. The information is not passed on to third parties.

CryptoGiveaway Bounty uses personal data about its users only for the purpose of providing the Services intended.

The CryptoGiveaway Bounty application provides authorization via Facebook. CryptoGiveaway Bounty does not distribute personal data. The authorization functionality is used to link bonus coins to a Facebook account so that users can recover their data.

CryptoGiveaway Bounty uses Google Analytics to collect data pertaining to user interaction with its client applications. These data only include information about user’s interaction with the application and are used only by CryptoGiveaway Bounty to improve the Services. These data are not passed on to third parties. Clients can refer to Google Analytics Policy located at for information about data collection.

It’s important that CryptoGiveaway Bounty does not provide the obtained information to third parties, and takes all reasonable measures to guarantee the safety and security of the user information. It should be underlined however, that, although CryptoGiveaway Bounty does its best to protect user personal data, the company cannot pledge its absolute safety. The reason for it is that whenever a client publicly disclose information on the company's websites (leaves comments open to the public), that information can easily be seen, collected or used by other users of the Services or any other unauthorized persons. To avoid any misunderstanding, CryptoGiveaway Bounty prompts to explore user’s profile settings and carefully track and inspect his Submissions.

If users still believe that their personal information was disclosed by the fault or negligence of CryptoGiveaway Bounty, they should contact us immediately.