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We expect 500 bonus coins to be worth ~$5 in future tokens.

The exact price may vary, as it depends on many factors and will be determined after the cryptocurrency launch.

) as a gift during the CryptoGiveaway advertising campaign simply for downloading our app!

Spread the word and earn more coins: the more coins you get during the campaign, the more tokens you receive after the cryptocurrency launch. It is your best chance to get as much cryptocurrency as you can without any investments!
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Download the CryptoGiveaway Bounty app and enter your promo code to receive 1000 bonus coins. Then share the app with your friends and earn more bonuses. Their amount is limitless!

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Invite your friends and earn more coins together! Each new user who installs and activates the CryptoGiveaway Bounty app via your personal link will get extra coins - and you too!

Be proactive: the more you invite, the more you gain. Bonus coins will be bound to your account balance as soon as your friends install and activate the app via your personal link. Also, you'll receive additional bonus coins if your friends invite new users via their links. Check with our income calculator how many bonus coins you can get.

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We are going to pay you for each invited user and for friends they will lead.
Download the app and get the new cryptocurrency as a gift!
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All the bonus coins you earn will be converted to tokens after the cryptocurrency launch this year. The more coins you will get, the more tokens you will receive.

Cryptocurrency tokens can be sold for $$$, exchanged for other cryptocurrency assets (BTC, ETH, etc.) or used as an alternative payment system.
How it works
CryptoGiveaway Bounty is a pre-ICO advertising campaign held to find the core users who are interested in cryptocurrency but do not want to risk investing their money in any of the current ones. We are offering a unique risk-free opportunity for anyone interested in. The more people will join us at this stage, the higher the token price will be after our cryptocurrency launch. Our cryptocurrency Viccoin will be created on the blockchain-based Ethereum platform and will follow its principles: anonymity, information security, decentralization, etc.
Earn more with CryptoGiveaway Bounty
You will be getting extra bonuses for every user you invite!
Tell all your friends about us: the more people you invite, the more bonus coins you gain. Copy your personal link and share it on Facebook, Twitter, different forums, etc. You'll be able to convert your bonus coins to cryptocurrency tokens after its launch. Don't miss your chance: the offer is limited!
Install the app and get 500 bonus coins as a gift. Activate your promo code and increase your account balance up to 1000 coins. Then spread the word and earn more bonuses.
We are going to pay you 30% for every new lead as soon as they will install and authorize CryptoGiveaway Bounty by your personal link.
Your opportunities are limitless: invite as many friends as possible! The more your friend's network grows, the more profit you make.
It is completely FREE! No investments required.

Have questions about CryptoGiveaway Bounty?

Check our FAQs
What is CryptoGiveaway Bounty? CryptoGiveaway Bounty is exactly what it sounds - a pre-ICO bounty program. We are giving away bonus coins that can be exchanged for tokens after our cryptocurrency is launched in 2018. No investments or document uploads - simple registration and you're in. What are bonus coins? You get bonus coins during the CryptoGiveaway advertising campaign. You will be able to convert your bonus coins to cryptocurrency tokens after its launch in 2018. How can I join? All you have to do is to install CryptoGiveaway Bounty and authorize it via Facebook. As you complete the authorization, you will receive first bonus coins. Why do you need my Facebook? Are you going to send spam to my friends? We need Facebook to confirm your account and avoid any mishaps during the token distribution process. Rest assured, we won't post anything to your timeline or account without your permission. Okay, I've authorized the app. Where are my tokens? All the tokens will be available after the cryptocurrency launch. At this moment, we can only suggest earning more coins. What should I do to earn more bonus coins? All you have to do is to share your promo code (find it in the app) with your friends. Every time a new user joins CryptoGiveaway Bounty via your promo code, you will get more bonus coins (and so does your friend). Moreover, you will get a little extra if your friend invites someone new as well. So the more friends you get to join, the more coins you will enjoy.

Join us and get the new cryptocurrency as a gift!

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